Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend at the Grandparents!

My Dad and Mom helped throw a surprise Retirement party for Grandpop and Grandmom Hamilton this past weekend. I was a really good girl. I didn't whine hardly at all on the car rides and I was pretty good at playing with others...I did get "put in my place" by Jaime's dog Xena when I got a little rough...but I learned I couldn't try chewing on everybody's ears...only Drake lets me do that!!

Here are some pics:

*I learned how to play soccer with Shane and Alicia*

I was so tired after a long day of partying, that I did not even wake up until 6:30am on Sunday. That's a record for me. I figured since it was Mother's day, I'd give my mom a break! Dad took me out, then we came back in and I woke Mom up with some good wet puppy kisses. Then we played on the bed for a bit...

*Then I saw my reflection in the mirror and wasn't sure what it was...I stared at myself for a while*

It was a pretty fun weekend!

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The Crivella Family said...

Yes I got your text, thank you! Any more thought on expanding your family?