Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Malu has made "front page"

Malu went back to visit her "birthplace" last Friday to see her first human caregivers. They just "ooohhed" and "ahhhed" over her and how beautiful she was. They wrote us an email asking for pictures of her because she was "one of the best looking pups that has ever come out of their farm." Of course we already knew that...but we're partial! They even told us we should enter her in some photo contests. (maybe they were just saying that to make us feel good, but who cares!!)

Anyway...check out

and you'll see her on their front page as an advertisement for their puppies!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bogart says "Don't bother me...I'm eating grass!"

Bogart has gotten really jealous because Malu is allowed outside and he isn't. He'll sit inside and hit the blinds on the windows to get our attention. Its really pathetic and makes me feel occasionally I've let him come out for some sun and grass (eating).

Unfortunately, Malu still hasn't learned to leave Bogart alone, so she is still getting beat up by him on a regular basis. In these next few pics, Malu was interrupting Bogart's snack you can see him laying the "smack down"!
*Bogart giving the warning hiss*

*Bogart giving the first swat*

*Bogart giving second swat - this time he means business*

Monday, April 21, 2008

Malu has a Sugar Daddy!?!

Malu and Drake are sweet on each other! Drake is a 6 y.o. 115 lb yellow lab from across the street who Malu has taken a liking to. Drake actually came over into our yard yesterday when he saw Billy outside. He was looking for Malu. She was napping, but we woke her up for a play date! Here are some pics of them playing together.

*Malu digging in the neighbor's sandbox*

*Tired after a long play session*

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trip to the Vet

Malu had her 1st round of shots on Friday. She did very well, but we did find out that our scale is a little off from the Vet's scale. Her official weight at 9 1/2 weeks was 14 lbs 9 oz. Our scale is 2 lbs heavier apparently. But she is doing great, and all the ladies in the office were loving her!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

9 weeks old

Malu had her 9 week old milestone on Monday. She has hit some of those "terrible two's" moments...and is being a little defiant. She is really testing the cat, and us to see how far she can go. So needless to say...there has been a lot of reprimanding lately. She just started walking on a leash, which she seemed to do as if a lightswitch was turned on. She actually walked three times today (1 mile each time) and that is a huge step. Next is getting her to answer to her name and "come" when we call. She now weighs 16lbs 6oz and is 12.5 inches tall at the shoulders. She is growing, growing...and even better...Bogart has lost a little weight!! He was 16 lbs and is now down to 15lbs 4 oz. Maybe that's just some lost water weight, but I'll take it. He is definitely getting more exercise chasing her around the house (see last post)

Here are some new pics:
*Bogart is so tired from chasing Malu aroung*

*Belly rubs are the best*

*Chewing on my favorite bone*


*Too close to the camera*

*Good puppy sleep*

*Lazy play time*

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Well...the first week we had Malu, Bogart just stood back and gave a lot of warnings (and maybe a couple whacks) if she got too close. Those days are gone! By the 2nd week, Bogart not only gave warnings...but has now started to chase her around the house. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I guess he is sensing that she won't stay this small for long! I think the funniest thing we've witnessed so far is when we try playing fetch with Malu and throw her ball...she takes off after the ball, and Bogart takes off after her. As much as I wish they were more is pretty comical to watch.
*This picture was taken "pre-chasing" days*

*My two babies napping with me*

*Nap time*

*And here starts the chasing part. Here's Malu wanting to get past Bogart, but not sure if she'll make it alive*

*Run for your life or get eaten by Bogart!*

It has been quite an adventure indeed! Sometimes I feel more like a referee than a mom!

8 weeks old and counting!

I know it has been a long time since we posted an update...seems we've had our hands full with Malu, and recently with Bogart chasing Malu! At Malu's first vet visit she weighed 9lbs.9oz. At eight weeks (one week later) she weighed 12lbs.4oz. WOW! She is growing so fast. Here are some pics of her getting used to her surroundings.

*Relaxing with my toys*

*Exploring the great outdoors*

*Sleeping in my Daddy's arms after a long night of partying*

*What do you mean I'm not supposed to chew on the rug?!?!*

*Not so good with the coming down part yet*

*I love sleeping on Bogart's scratching post. Maybe that's why he's started chasing me more*

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Times are a-changin'

Bogart and Malu are still trying to get accustomed to each other. When Malu gets rambunctious she tends to bark playfully at Bogart. He isn't too fond of this ritual.

But when she's busy doing other things, he keeps a close watch over her to make sure she's not doing something she shouldn't be!!

We've realized the best way to stay sane right now is to wear Malu out so she sleeps/naps good. Here is some fun we were having outside earlier today. She is under the impression her leash is a toy, and would rather play tug-o-war with it then walk.

And when she finally goes to sleep...its some good puppy sleep!!!