Sunday, May 4, 2008

Malu is growing like a weed!!

It is unbelievable how fast Malu is growing! Her legs and body are getting longer, and even her face is starting to mature. She is so fun to watch and play with. Here are just a few recent pictures of what she's been up to...

*She loves to be outside and is really getting good at retrieving*

*I feel so guilty when we are all out playing in the yard, because Bogart sits inside and either meow's out the window or hits the blinds to get our attention. He bad wants to be outside too, so occasionally I let him come out*

*Malu loves to play in and eat the grass, fresh cut is the best!*

*She has also found her tail and now chases it or bites it often*

*Even though she loves us both...she is a little bit of a Daddy's Girl*

*And Bogart is still a Momma's Boy*

*We finished off a room upstairs and are turning it into an exercise room. Bogart has already put the treadmill to good use*

*Here are some additional head shots of Malu. What a beautiful face!*


Our Girl Blue said...

She's getting SO big! It's amazing how quickly they grow from tiny baby puppy to doggie! I love the pic of Bogart on "his" treadmill - too funny. Now if you can just get him to use it...
C, B, & Bella

The Crivella Family said...

Did you get your haircut yet?