Sunday, May 31, 2009

Malu got a New Pool!

Malu loves the water, so we decided to get her a baby pool so that she can enjoy the water and cool off on hot days. She was a little unsure at first, but once her paws hit the water - it was second nature!

*And did I mention she loves drinking from the hose?!? Her boyfriend Drake taught her that*

*I'm not sure what she is digging for, but I think she just likes making the water splash!*

*Then she gave in completely and just laid in the pool. AAAHHH how refreshing*

*This is the best*

*And of course I still keep watch of what goes on in the neighborhood - just from the pool now*

Bogart is Very Sneaky!

Bogart decided he was tired and wanted to "get away" for a little he tried hiding behind the curtains. It reminded me of when someone tries putting a lampshade over their head to look like a standing lamp.

*I think you caught me*

*Oh well, guess I'll just go to sleep right here*

My First Boat Ride!

Mom and Dad took me to Cape May, NJ with them for Memorial Day weekend - but they really go to celebrate their anniversary (2 yrs)! Last year, I stayed with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop when they went, but this year I got to go. It was so fun. I got to ride on a big boat for the first time. We just drove on and off we went. Dogs were allowed on the boat so here are some pics of my first boat trip.

*Me & Dad*

*Taking a stroll around the boat*

*I met a new friend named Kipper. He's a yellow lab too*

*Here I am sitting with Kipper's little sister and his Dad*

*I was such a good girl on the boat*

*Getting a better view*

Once we finally got to Cape May, we just lounged around and went for many walks. And of course...I was still able to sleep with Mom and Dad*

*One of their favorite things from last year was hanging out on the front porch in the rocking chairs. I got to do that with them too!*

It was such a fun weekend!

Lime Green Paws!

Since I am so good about my electric fence, and never leave the yard, my Dad lets me come out with him when he is doing some work, even when he can't watch me the whole time. On this day, I decided to "supervise" him while he cut the grass. It had just rained the day before, so the grass was still kinda wet, and with it freshly cut...It turned my paws GREEN!!! Lime green to be exact.

It's kinda hard to see, but if you look real close, you can tell! Oops!

Relaxing after a Hard Day!

I am usually not allowed on the couches (on the ottoman/chair) but I was so cute they way I curled up to nap, that my Mom said she didn't have the heart to make me get down...especially since I was letting her get stuff done!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Love Warm Weather!

We are all so excited that is it FINALLY getting warmer. We can go outside and play, Bogart can eat grass...and overall, everyone can get their "cabin fever" energy out! Which always makes for more relaxed evenings :)

We were able to plant flowers that have started blooming!

Bogart and Malu have been able to hang out outside...

Malu has been able to play with her boyfriend Drake...

And then everyone is content at the end of the day!