Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun in the Sun

It has been really tough this past week with all the rain, so we haven't been able to get outside and play as much. We decided to take advantage of the warm, somewhat sunny day between T-storms to soak up the sun and have some fun outside with our neighbors and Malu's boyfriend Drake!
*Chewing on a ball*

*Even Bogart got to spend a lot of fun outside eating grass*

*Malu eating some grass herself*

*Malu and Drake*

*Gimme a kiss!*

*Ahhh the great outdoors*

*Chris, Oh, Sammy, Malu and Drake*

*Billy playing hockey with Drake*

*Momma's pretty boy!*

*Close up*

*Drake chillin'*

*Mmmmm this grass is good, lip-smacking good!*

*Perfect pose*


Our Girl Blue said...

I love that last picture of Malu with the wrinkly puppy skin! I'll give you a call this weekend - I want to hear how your weekend away was!

Paula said...

Found your blog through Bella's, and I love the pics. The close-up is so adorable.