Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This will be Malu's first Christmas, and Bogarts 11th! We tried to include them in all the festivities, including the "decorating". Here they are all dressed up for the season!

*Mom...I hate these antlers*

*Well atleast you don't have a stupid Santa outfit on.*

*This Santa hat is too Big!*

*Malu's first Christmas Tree experience*

*Family Portrait*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Headshots and Poses

We already know how beautiful and special Malu is...but it always makes us happy to hear that other people think the same. We got another email from the breeder that Malu came from because they bred her parents again and wanted us to send some pictures of her to "advertise" for the new puppies that are due in early October. Here are some that we took...

*Billy took this shot...must have been mid-yawn...but this has to be one of the funniest pictures I have ever seen!!!*

Homemade Dog-Proof Cat Feeder!

Malu has had an obsession with Bogart's food. No matter how many times we "reprimanded" her, she couldn't resist it. So... we saw this really cool cat feeder on, but we weren't willing to pay as much as it cost, so we built it ourselves.

Here is a picture of the one on Orvis...

Here is the one we built...

We worked together to construct this feeder from plain wood. Then we stained it and used polyurethane to seal it to match our other furniture. We are pretty proud of it and Bogart seems to like it just he is able to eat in PEACE!

Posing with Mom & Dad

Here are some random pics of me with my Mom and Dad...

Fun with my new Duck!

*Quack! Quack!*
My Mom and Dad got me this cool new toy that makes noises like a duck. It's really soft, which usually means it only lasts a day or so, but I have been gentle with it so far. Here are some pics with me playing with my Duck at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop Hamilton's house.

*Look how good I can sit when there is something I want!

*I love my duck*

Are you Ready for some Football?!?!

In the spirit of football season, my Mom and Dad got me some really cool, and tasty treats!!

We won an award!!

Ahhhh! Thanks to Bella and her human parents for giving us this award!!! We love your blog too and check it often!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playdate with Bella

Remember my friend Bella...

...well my mom took me to her house again this past weekend for another playdate. We had the best time. She loves tug-o-war just as much as me!! Here are some pics from our fun time!

We also walked down to the park to run around and play fetch...

It was so hot outside playing, so the first thing we did when we got back was get some water...
(they were drinking out of the same bowl at the same time!)

After a short nap, we got our second wind...

And because we had been such good girls playing together, Mr. B gave us some treats! But we had to sit first!!

Man I was pooped afterward...I slept the whole way home!


My dad added on to the deck so now we go out back to play all the time. I love it because I have more room to chase my frisbee!

*Here I go!*

*and I'm learning that I have to drop the toy for my mom to throw it again*

*And all Bogart wants to know is "why can't I come outside?"*