Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick Learner!

Malu is doing so well...she started Puppy Kindergarten on June 21st, but after 3 classes, she was moved up to Intermediate Puppy Class because she was doing so well and was being held up by another puppy in the class. We were such proud parents!

Since starting classes we have really been working on her obedience, and she is doing pretty well. She is definitely into her "Terrible Two's" Stage and is very mischievous, but is learning too. After watching Cesar Milan on "The Dog Whisperer", we decided we wanted to teach her to walk on the treadmill, so on rainy days, or really hot ones (like we've been having lately) she can still get rid of all her puppy energy. The first time we tried she was about 4 months old and only walked for about 2 mins at a time. Now that she is 5 1/2 months old, she has really moved up and is up to walking 17 mins at a time. We don't even need to hold her on or walk beside her...we can do the Wii Fit or work out ourselves while she is doing her thing!! She's so good!

Here are some pics of her walking on the treadmill:

*Here we go*

*Not so sure at first*

*Oh yeah, I remember how to do this...This is fun!*

*Bogart supervising as usual!*

*Malu can even look out the window while she walks on the treadmill*

She is so good! She will be 6 months old on Monday and weighs around 40 lbs. She has lost all her baby teeth and is really growing up. Sometimes we have a hard time remembering when she was so small!