Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun in the Sun

It has been really tough this past week with all the rain, so we haven't been able to get outside and play as much. We decided to take advantage of the warm, somewhat sunny day between T-storms to soak up the sun and have some fun outside with our neighbors and Malu's boyfriend Drake!
*Chewing on a ball*

*Even Bogart got to spend a lot of fun outside eating grass*

*Malu eating some grass herself*

*Malu and Drake*

*Gimme a kiss!*

*Ahhh the great outdoors*

*Chris, Oh, Sammy, Malu and Drake*

*Billy playing hockey with Drake*

*Momma's pretty boy!*

*Close up*

*Drake chillin'*

*Mmmmm this grass is good, lip-smacking good!*

*Perfect pose*

"Playtime" with Bogart

Billy and I are still playing referees most days. I think Bogart is starting to make it a game as well, even though he still hisses and growls! We're still trying to get Malu to stop barking at Bogart, but so far that has been a losing battle.


*Bogart says bring it as Malu sneaks by*

*Playing with crabby*

*Bogart on the prowl again, and Malu running for her life*

*and again...*

*Malu getting a little brave*

*REALLY brave*

*the ultimate stare down!*

Malu's First Bath

Malu got kinda dirty during her trip to The Hamiltons, so we decided it was time for her first bath! She didn't mind wading around the water in the tub, but once we started pouring it over her, she'd had enough. We had to tag team her to get her washed and clean!!

*What is this wet stuff? And how does it come through the wall?*

*This isn't so bad*

*Ah man, I'm drenched*

*I want outta here!*

*And now I'm all soapy!*

The fun part was trying to towel dry her off. She was still damp, and thought that the towels were more fun to play tug-o-war with than get dried off with. We only managed to get her semi-dry. Then she ran around the house to "air-dry".

Good thing we don't have to do this very often!!

Playing the Piano

Malu learned how to get up and make noise on the piano! Really she was just trying to get Bogart's toy that I hide on the top!

*How could you get mad at that face?!?!*

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend at the Grandparents!

My Dad and Mom helped throw a surprise Retirement party for Grandpop and Grandmom Hamilton this past weekend. I was a really good girl. I didn't whine hardly at all on the car rides and I was pretty good at playing with others...I did get "put in my place" by Jaime's dog Xena when I got a little rough...but I learned I couldn't try chewing on everybody's ears...only Drake lets me do that!!

Here are some pics:

*I learned how to play soccer with Shane and Alicia*

I was so tired after a long day of partying, that I did not even wake up until 6:30am on Sunday. That's a record for me. I figured since it was Mother's day, I'd give my mom a break! Dad took me out, then we came back in and I woke Mom up with some good wet puppy kisses. Then we played on the bed for a bit...

*Then I saw my reflection in the mirror and wasn't sure what it was...I stared at myself for a while*

It was a pretty fun weekend!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Quick update!

Just a little quick update:

Malu got her second round of immunizations today and was weighed in at 21 lbs 6 oz. Growing, Growing, Growing. We'll have more pics at the end of the weekend, but just a short note on that...'

Stay tuned!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Malu is growing like a weed!!

It is unbelievable how fast Malu is growing! Her legs and body are getting longer, and even her face is starting to mature. She is so fun to watch and play with. Here are just a few recent pictures of what she's been up to...

*She loves to be outside and is really getting good at retrieving*

*I feel so guilty when we are all out playing in the yard, because Bogart sits inside and either meow's out the window or hits the blinds to get our attention. He bad wants to be outside too, so occasionally I let him come out*

*Malu loves to play in and eat the grass, fresh cut is the best!*

*She has also found her tail and now chases it or bites it often*

*Even though she loves us both...she is a little bit of a Daddy's Girl*

*And Bogart is still a Momma's Boy*

*We finished off a room upstairs and are turning it into an exercise room. Bogart has already put the treadmill to good use*

*Here are some additional head shots of Malu. What a beautiful face!*