Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it Snow! . . . Again!?!

*Can you believe it? It snowed again...and this time a lot! Mom and Dad had to take off work, so that meant they got to stay home and play in the snow with me.*

*Then Dad started throwing snow at me so I could catch it/eat it!*

*Now my face was covered with snow*

*Dad even went over to get my boyfriend Drake, so he could come play with me. We had the best time!*
*Here I am waiting patiently for Dad to get Drake*

*YAY! Drake!*

*Look how handsome he is - if you zoom in he looks even better :)*

*Then he "Death-rolls" me*

*Wow! What a fun time...I was so tired when we came inside, I had to take a nap!*

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