Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Times are a-changin'

Bogart and Malu are still trying to get accustomed to each other. When Malu gets rambunctious she tends to bark playfully at Bogart. He isn't too fond of this ritual.

But when she's busy doing other things, he keeps a close watch over her to make sure she's not doing something she shouldn't be!!

We've realized the best way to stay sane right now is to wear Malu out so she sleeps/naps good. Here is some fun we were having outside earlier today. She is under the impression her leash is a toy, and would rather play tug-o-war with it then walk.

And when she finally goes to sleep...its some good puppy sleep!!!

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Our Girl Blue said...

I love it! One good thing about puppies is that they get tired easily! They play hard and sleep harder. Congrats again on your newest addition - I'm sure she's making all your lives richer already (even Bogart - keeps him on his toes!) See you guys Friday!