Tuesday, April 15, 2008

9 weeks old

Malu had her 9 week old milestone on Monday. She has hit some of those "terrible two's" moments...and is being a little defiant. She is really testing the cat, and us to see how far she can go. So needless to say...there has been a lot of reprimanding lately. She just started walking on a leash, which she seemed to do as if a lightswitch was turned on. She actually walked three times today (1 mile each time) and that is a huge step. Next is getting her to answer to her name and "come" when we call. She now weighs 16lbs 6oz and is 12.5 inches tall at the shoulders. She is growing, growing...and even better...Bogart has lost a little weight!! He was 16 lbs and is now down to 15lbs 4 oz. Maybe that's just some lost water weight, but I'll take it. He is definitely getting more exercise chasing her around the house (see last post)

Here are some new pics:
*Bogart is so tired from chasing Malu aroung*

*Belly rubs are the best*

*Chewing on my favorite bone*


*Too close to the camera*

*Good puppy sleep*

*Lazy play time*

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