Saturday, September 4, 2010

OBX Vacation 2010

Olivia went on her first vacation to the OBX! We had a lot going on that week while we were there...her Aunt Julie got married, and she got to meet her Uncle Shawn and cousins Beth and she had so many people wanting to hug and kiss on her all day!! She was such a good girl on the car ride down there, especially since it took us 8 hours (traffic) to get there!!

And of course Malu and Bogart tagged along. Malu loves the beach and enjoyed playing in the sand and ocean just like we knew she would!

We took almost 500 pictures, so obviously we can't post them all...I've tried to just do a couple that would highlight the week! Enjoy!

Julie & Shawn's Wedding

Malu at the Beach

And of course Olivia at the Beach

We had a lot of fun back at the house as well! Olivia would play Peek-a-Boo after getting up from one of her naps!

and Olivia and Malu would hang out

And Bogart did what he does best

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julie said...

What an awesome vacation! Love the pics, I look at ours all the time! Hugs to all of you. Miss and Love you guys! :)