Sunday, May 31, 2009

My First Boat Ride!

Mom and Dad took me to Cape May, NJ with them for Memorial Day weekend - but they really go to celebrate their anniversary (2 yrs)! Last year, I stayed with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop when they went, but this year I got to go. It was so fun. I got to ride on a big boat for the first time. We just drove on and off we went. Dogs were allowed on the boat so here are some pics of my first boat trip.

*Me & Dad*

*Taking a stroll around the boat*

*I met a new friend named Kipper. He's a yellow lab too*

*Here I am sitting with Kipper's little sister and his Dad*

*I was such a good girl on the boat*

*Getting a better view*

Once we finally got to Cape May, we just lounged around and went for many walks. And of course...I was still able to sleep with Mom and Dad*

*One of their favorite things from last year was hanging out on the front porch in the rocking chairs. I got to do that with them too!*

It was such a fun weekend!


CarolnBill said...

Great anniversary pictures!

Our Girl Blue said...

Malu looks so regal in bed...Bella misses snuggle time w/ mom & dad. :-( And I do too.